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Children Dentistry

The most common question is when do we start bringing our kids to the dentist. The answer is usually, when the first tooth comes out. However, you do have the range upto 2-3 years, by which time all the baby teeth are out.

Remember, if you see any decay, or black / brown areas on the tooth, you should accelerate the time to see the dentist.

One of the biggest advantages of early introduction to the dentist, is that children become comfortable to the dentist, the dental office, the noises in the dental office. Then the daily routine of the tooth brushing is reinforced for a healthy mouth.

We are a strong proponent of preventive care. Among the preventive care methods we use include 6 monthly cleanings, yearly (or if there are recent cavities – 6 monthly) x-rays, Oral hygiene instructions, fluoride, sealants. At around 7-9 years of age, an orthodontic consultation if we see malocclusion developing. At 10-14 years of age, we recommend another orthodontic consultation to straighten any irregularity.

Teen years are usually the years we may see a spike in cavities. Usually due to social influences, studies, college preparation. Sealants and fluorides are really recommended.
Our thoughtful, gentle dentist will take very good care of your children. We are all parents and you can rest assured that we will treat your child like our own.

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