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This is the field of dentistry which is concerned with getting you out of tooth pain.

Ever have pain which was excruciating. Can't lie down as the pain got worse. This is a typical symptom of infection of a decay causing irreversible changes to the nerve inside the tooth. Yes, you will need to remove that damaged infected nerve and preserve the remaining tooth structure. This is referred to as a root canal. Finally, to prevent the tooth cracking or breaking a crown (cap) is placed.

The doctor who is specialized in root canals are called endodontists. The difficult root canals are usually referred to the endodontist. Why are some teeth difficult. Well, it can be due to the curve of the root, the number of roots, the number of canals, the calcification of the canals or a host of reasons. At our office our experienced general dentist will perform the majority of the root canals.

However, if the need be, we will refer either to our in-house consulting endodontist or based upon your HMO insurance, to the necessary endodontist on your plan.

Oral Surgery

This is the field of dentistry which is usually concerned with the removal of teeth.

When teeth position or eruption, or diseased teeth cause swelling and pain, then the options include removal of the offending tooth. Example in the late teens to twenties, the wisdom teeth may not have enough space to erupt uneventfully. It will cause severe pain, the gums at the back may become infected or may result in pushing of your beautifully aligned teeth to a crowded state.

Our general dentists usually take out the majority of the teeth, however, when they find that the difficulty level requires the specialist, you will be referred out or alternatively set up an appointment with our in-house specialist.

Oral surgery is wide area of surgical procedures and will also include biopsies, frenectomies, implant placement etc. Just touch bases with our general dentist who will guide you.

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