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General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Our office provides both limited dentistry as well as comprehensive dentistry.

Limited dentistry or problem focused dentistry occurs when the patient is focused on one issue. The rest of the mouth seems fine, so they will deal with it at a later more opportune date. It is the patients decision to deal with the current issue.

We are fine with that. Of course, we will provide recommendations if we see something that is amiss. However, your immediate goal is our immediate goal. We listen and take care of the problem for you, so you may return to your day.
Examples of problem focused dentistry include pain from a tooth, cracked or broken tooth, dentures lost, need a cleaning, and so on.

Comprehensive dentistry is completely different.
This too can be further divided into various facets. Does the patient wish to have a healthy mouth or healthy mouth with a great smile.
Cosmetic appearance is a personal issue. We do give recommendations, however, based upon personal preferences, we like the patient to ask us, if we can improve the smile.
Healthy Mouth is basically disease free. No cavities, gums are healthy, bite is solid, no grinding or clenching and TMJ are working pain free without clicks and pops. If that’s your goal, then great. You and I have similar goals.

Great Smiles are also something to yearn for. With a great smile, a healthy mouth is a pre-requisite. So you can “upgrade” your healthy mouth to a great smile. To get a smile you want (the smile makeover), there are various steps we look at. First we evaluate your smile the amount of teeth showing, the whiteness and and defects, then we balance it with your face shape, correlate with your your gum height and look at the degree of crowding. These steps will allow us to recommend whether you need any or all of the following procedures.

  • a. Digital analysis with final tooth mock ups either virtual or model based.
  • b. Porcelain Veneers
  • c. Invisalign or 6 month orthodontics
  • d. Implants to replace missing teeth
  • e. Teeth whitening
  • f. Gingival recontouring
  • g. Porcelain fillings
  • h. Metal free crowns like cerec, lava or zirconia
  • i. Nightguard type

In summary: Whatever your goals are, problem focused dentistry eg that RCT, that extraction, that filling or comprehensive dentistry, - healthy mouth or healthy mouth with a great smile, we are there to listen to you and achieve the best results you desire.

  • Cerec
    One Day Dentistry
  • Nightguards
    Stop the daily grind
  • White Fillings
    Lets whiten the teeth
  • Lasers
    Laser Dentistry

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