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Implants are a quantum leap in restoring missing teeth.

Many of you suffer the problems of missing teeth, or see those near and close to you suffering from missing teeth.

Historically, we have fixed these missing teeth issues with prosthesis called a “a bridge” or “a partial” or “a denture”. These were at best tolerated, since that’s what was available and that’s what everybody got. A lot of folks, decided to not even get any prosthesis, they will live without teeth. (A bad move, since, teeth shift and there is further damage to the bone and the remaining teeth).

Today, we have come light years since when implants were first introduced. Today, it’s a straight forward procedure in the right hand with the right equipment and right training.

Our office provides the latest in implant therapy. We have the following protocols established and clockwork for hundreds of patients. You should come in for a consultation with our experienced and highly trained doctors.

The first step in implant diagnosis is to verify the volume of undamaged bone. This will determine the size of implant placement both in height and diameter. It is always our goal to provide you the least invasive procedure, least cost, and least amount of time to get you to your goal. By having an inhouse CAT scan for the dental structures, we can give you that information.

Both our periodontist and experienced general dentists will customize a plan for you. Please note, it is the general dentist and prosthodontist who determine the position of the implant for the best results in your mouth. The surgeons are there to place the implants at the GP / Pros direction.

All types of situations where missing teeth are “missed” can be replaced.

Front of the mouth – central or lateral tooth – place one implant. Check
Right lower back of the mouth – no teeth – Place 2 implants – check.
Left upper back of the mouth – missing one tooth – place one implant – Check.
Lost all your teeth – wearing dentures – place 4 implants and get your teeth back – Check.

And so on.

Our in house periodontist will determine the right position of the gum, so you get what you came in for. A beautiful smile or a healthy bite.

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